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About Us

About Us..., No, it's all About You!


Sorry! We hate to disappoint. But at Wholesale Handbags, we focus on YOU, not on US.


So who are you and what are your needs?

Are you already in a retail business that could benefit from adding Wholesale Handbags to your product line?

Are you thinking of launching an at-home fashion-related business for a little extra pocket money and need a quick, flexible supplier of fun fashion purses?

Are you the owner of an already-successful women’s boutique but don’t have a reliable, profit-conscious and fashion-savvy supplier of fashion and Designer Handbags?


Whatever the case, Wholesale Handbags can help!

There’s no need to create an account or plunk down a lot of money.

Simply order a few styles based on your customers’ likes and dislikes

($200 order minimum, please).

We’ll ship them out that same day. It’s as easy as that!


Here are some actual customer stories to get you thinking:

An owner of a hair salon in New Jersey tested a few of our Designer Handbag styles in her shop. Bingo! She not only added a little excitement and color to her customers’ experience, she also added a whole new revenue source!


Then there’s the manager of the gift shop at a large urban hospital in Texas. Adding our fashion handbags has boosted his bottom line sales tremendously!!!  He tells us that not only has he had overwhelming response from the folks that stop in when visiting patients, but he has created quite a fan base with the hospital's staff as well.  Way to go!!!!


An image consultant in Seattle recently came across our Web site and immediately ordered one of everything (okay, maybe one of every other thing). She now uses our Designer and Fashion Purses during her day-long seminars on “Choosing a Wardrobe to Match Your Lifestyle -- and Personal Style.”


A bridal boutique owner in Michigan loves our evening/formal purse selection. She finds it a great sideline item to offer her bridal parties to complete the finishing touches all while increasing her sales revenue.


Our wide variety of handbags offers small business owners all over the country the latest fashion forward styles in the trendiest and hottest colors of the season. Quality, style and affordability allows them to sell at the best price possible to increase their sales margin. 




Let us help you make money with Purse Parties! 

·         Do you need extra income for you & your family?

·         Would you like to make money by having fabulous parties?

·         Are you looking for an fun way to make money with very little upfront costs? 

If you answered, "Yes" to any of these questions, then throwing Purse Parties is for you. We are here to help you get into the purse party business by providing you with the business tools, merchandise, and knowledge that will make you a success in the growing purse party industry. We make sure to have the latest handbags available at wholesale prices that will make you lots of profits. You can purchase what you need when you need it.  We look forward to hearing from you if we can be of assistance in getting you started on a FUN way to earn extra income.

Toll Free  855-256-BAGS(2247)


 So focus on YOU…and then let us help you succeed!